Monday, August 23, 2010

My all trips

1. : Delhi-Salasar(RJ) 5 Times
2. : Delhi-Golden Temple(PB) 1 time
3. : Delhi-Mabikaran(HP) 2 Times
4. : Delhi-Mehandipur Balaji (Rj) 6 Times
5. : Delhi-Abhoar(PB) 1 time
6. : Delhi-Kashipur(UA) 1 time
7. : Delhi-Neelkanth(U.A) 2 times
8. : Delhi-Rishikesh(U.A) 2 times
9. : Delhi-Badrinath (U.A) 2 Times
10.:Delhi-Gangotri(U.A) 2 Times
11.:Delhi-Yamunotri(U.A) 1 times
12. Delhi-Mehandipur-Salasar-Rohtak 1 times

Monday, May 24, 2010

Badrinath Solo Trip May 2010

MY Travelogue on Badrinath
I planned for Chopta bike trip but no any friend get ready till last moment.

Day 1 : Fri 21 2010 : 1:30 PM

I was planning for chopta bike trip fo the last one week but all my friend denied to go.... Finally on friday i took half day from office(Noida) and start my journey for Badrinath.

Fuel : 400 RS

Start time : 1:30 PM

Total distance covered : 220 KM

Hotel : 500 rs

Route : Noida-Meerut-Muzzafarnagar-Haridwar-Rishikesh I reached risihikesh around 7 and booked a room in "Sara Guest house" near Ram Jhula. i got good south indian dinner Masala Dosa and cold drink.

Day 2: 4 am

I get up early at 3:30 amd and got ready for drive by 4 am. By 1:30 pm i reached Badrinath. Mana is last village on India china border or end of NH 58. it is 4 km from badrinath. I visted mana village and asked for vasundra fall it is 5 km trek from mana. I booked a Guide Mr. Puskar badwal(0945811426) in 300 rs for the same.We started around 3 in evening. It was quite tiring because i didnt rest yet after long biking.we reached Vasundra fall at 6 pm. after bath we returned to mana and reached by a good dinner paranthas , dosa and coffee.

Total distance covered : 300 Km

Hotel : 600 Rs

Day 3: 5 am

I started my return journey for Rohtak at 5o am from badrinath to Rohtak(HR)route was Badrinath-Rudraprayag-Rishikesh-Mujjafarnagar-Shamli-Panipat-Rohtak

Total distance covered : 530 Km.

Road condition : Delhi-rishikesh-- Very good

Rishikesh-Rudraprayag-- Very good

Rudraprayag-Josimath- Normal & offroad

Last 20 Km --offroad

Over all very good road maintenace by B.R.O.


Very hot-- from delhi to Rudraprayag

Normal-- From Rudraparyag to josimath

Cold--from Josimath to mana

carry sweater and jacket

Tele Network--- Only Relianec and BSNL is working

Fuel Junction - No Problem


Ride safe

Friday, January 1, 2010

My Gangotri Trip Picx

Fulchatti near Gangotri
Ganges near gangotri

Having rest near Gangotri

Tehari Dam Beauty

Tehri Dam Beuty

Tehri Dam beauty

Evening in tehri
Around tehri


Gangotri Trip( Delhi-Uttarkashi--Gangotri)

it was my last solo trip of this year


DAY 11-12 NOV 2006








drive carefully

Badrinath Trip

Badrinath Trip

DAY 1 2:30AM(13th May 2007 saturday)

Getup early and get ready my bag and myself for a long biking.

3:15 am

I start my bike toward badrinath
Via noida toll bridge -Ghaziabad-muradnagar-meerut-mujjafarnagar

7:30 am

I reached at roorke, here I found SBI ATM and withdrawal some cash and move towards haridwar, and just before haridwar I fueled my bike of rs. 300/- full tank. Before that I fueled by bike last night at Delhi of rs 200/-. Now my plan was to reach at rudraprayag as soon as possible without staying anywhere. After some time I reached at haridwar, it is fully rushed , heavy traffic, due to Ashram bapu camping, autowalas and rickshaw pullers, cab and bike, the road was full. Some how I crossed the haridwar and after 25 KM reached at Rishikesh, here the main biking start to Badrinath

8:30 am Rishikesh

Badrinath is 10,248 feet above sea level. The route to Badrinath is one of the most arduous one due to the lofty hilly terrain, curves and cliffs amidst the most scenically beautiful place on the earth. I suggest all he biker to get new tyres and breaks for your bike before going to to badrinath. The way is so rough, because it is only High Way not highway. The next destination was Devaprayag, here you can enjoy rafting and camping. Here I seen first time a Monitor Lizard, 3feet long crossing the road very slowly, then disappear in bushes, now the heat is on top, dry hills and sunlight. After some time I reached at Srinagar, here I got two more bikers going to Badrinath. In hills road there is one benefit of bike that you can ride your bike at a good speed of 60 if road is fine while four wheeler dare to do it. Almost everything here is disciplined in hills driving , there are many caution boards on side of road. like
" Whisky means driving risky "
" gati se pahle suraksa "
"deepak bole jai badri vishal ki "
" main pahari nagin huin duss lungi"
"tum parvatoo ki goodh main hoo"
"karpya aapne break check kar le"
"eshwar ko yaad kariye "
" uddiye maat drive kariye "
After some time reached at rudraprayag, Named after Lord Shiva (Rudra), Rudraparyag is situated at the holy confluence of Alaknanda and Mandakini rivers, at a distance of 34 kms. From Srinagar (Garhwal). The meeting of the Mandakini and Alaknanda rivers has a unique beauty of its own and it seems as if two sisters were embracing each other. I took some snaps here and had cold drink and snaks, then I crossed Karnaprayag, Nandaprayag and Pipalkoti, here i got the same biker again whom i crossed before, they were dragging their bike and asking for help, i stopped my bike and given them petrol, they were out of petrol, before joshimath there is no petrol pump, i geared up my bike moved toward Badrinath, it was evening time cool wind blowing, alkhnanda river was roaring, it was beautiful time out there, here i seen first time, ice capped hill peak, looking amazing..After crossing helang , a beautiful small town with pahari villagers, i reached last big town joshimath. i was very much near to badrinath, the height getting increase and increase. After crossing Josiah every half kilometer has a curve going up and upwards, here i continue to drive my bike at 2nd, 3rd and rarely 4th gear. new water falls has been make due to ice melting, roads completely cut down by water , you have todrive very carefully over boulders and in waterfalls, any slight mistake can straight send you to god. so be carefull, it was the toughest biking here, blackice and big stone was on road. When i driving over the ice , i stopped my bike took one piece, it is so hard, it is fall on you during sliding it can kill you, finally i reached at Hanuman Chatti.Hanumanchatti is 9 km. from .Pandukeshwar and it is a small old-fashioned chatti, where a small Temple of Hanumanji is located. It is believed that Hanumanji meditated here and Lord Badrinathji being pleased with him, blessed him with unusual powers and strength. Badrinath Puri is 7 km. from here. Keep geared my bike up and up. Finally I reached at badrinath Visal, surrounding by snowed neelkanth peak and other peaks, it was evening 5:30 when I reached here after riding my bike 530 Km from Delhi since morning 3’o clock, I took a long breath and moves toward Mana village, last village on India-china border. The scenery was beautiful, everything is photogenic. It was end of highway no 58, when I reached at mana village, my half trip completed. Then I came back to Badrinath and booked a room and got a hot bath and change my dusty dress, get ready to visit Badri temple and market. I buy prasad and visit temple then I come back to badri market.
it is small market as found on any pilgrim, you can get badrinath pictures, maps, snacks, fast foods, auyervedic medicine, sheelajeet and uutarm shatturmm. After having light dinner include shahi paneer and tawa roti, later adrak tea. I got a milk shop , milk was so tasty, I took two glass of milk with cream roll. only one problem you will face in night here is power cut, it happen frequently. As I have visited almost all the market and called up my family using my Reliance mobile, good network ,feeling so tired so I come back to my room. There was no power, in candlelight I get ready for sleeping, it was chilled night,

14/5/06 7:15 am Day 2 Sunday

I got a good sleep, wake up late,feeling so cold, I come out of my room and seen neelkath peak, it was glittering in sunlight. I get up late, I took towel and went for bath in natural tapat kund, last night hotel owner give one bucket hot water in 20 rs. He make me fool. This natural hot water spring situated with mandakini river near badrinath temple, it was fully rushed, some how I took bath, it was not to hot water, but maaza aagay tha. I came back stopped at tea shop have two glass of hot milk and butter toast after having breakfast I went to room and get ready my bag to return to Delhi.

8: 30 am

I checkout from hotel, said good bye to Badrinath, kicked my bike geared up moves back to Delhi, it was very cold outside, I drives continuously up to josimath, here I fueled my bike of Rs 200. now I am planned to reach as soon as possible to risikesh , it is about 326 km from badrinath. On the way I seen a alto car driving crazy over 60Kmph, try to cross everything, somehow i managed to take over them , suddenly in this race a ambassador also include, a south Indian driver driving that ambassador, he drove so rash, with lots of smoke coming out silencer of ambassador, we were racing till we had to stop it while land sliding was in front of us, big stones and crush coming down from hills, border security force stopped the traffic at a safe distance, but two sadhuu baba didn’t stop they continue to moves toward land sliding, we keep crying don’t come but they were ignoring us completely one stone come at a high speed just fall inches away from sadhuu baba , as they reach near us, we cried on them , they had only one answer, “ jai badri vishal ki “

After half hour it stopped some how I ride my bike over stones, and moves toward Rishikesh, at Srinagar it was hot afternoon and I was feeling hungry too, so I stopped my bike at a Dhaba and have aloo parantha’s with dahi, after having lunch I was again on road. Sun had been started to hide behind hills, means time was running so fast, after crossing one after one town in evening 3:00 clock I was about to reach at risikesh, I was out of hills on flat road, with rushed traffic of autowala’s. It took me more than half hour to cross Rishikesh and reached at haridwar, it is also full of traffic, driving at 45-50 speeds some how I crossed the haridwar, I stopped my bike at reliance petrol pump 12 km away from haridwar. There is long queue of cars and bike for petrol, reliance patrol is much better than other petrol, it increase 10 more kilometers to you bike. I fueled up my bike with 200Rs/- and hit the road again toward Delhi. It was heavy traffic on NH 58, I was trying to maintain a regular speed of 60-65. Just after few kilometers sun had been set, I seen a dangerous accident of maruti 800 with truck. Accidents happens so much on this highway. It is a single way with heavy traffic, so be careful while crossing anything waise bhi, this is UP my dear, don’t drive with fear, hear the horn here, don’t down you gear, just keep continue to drive dear. Head light start glowing, beems straight coming in your eyes, I don’t like to drive in night, it is also a new kind of experience, whether it is sweet or bitter. When I was about to reach to mujjafarnagar, I stopped my bike at a Dhaba, have some fast food and cold drink.

8:00 pm

I am in main market of mujjafarnagar, fully rushed, small shops , bulb and tube light glowing, slowly slowly I crossed the mujjafarnagar, and get back on good speed, meerut was about to come, through the bye-pass you can cross the meerut in minutes. I crossed meerut, then modinagar.I reached very much near to ghaziabad, here I left the NH 58 and catch NH24. I reached at delhi UP border near anand vihar around 10:00 pm and comes on ring road. When i was going straight to okhla, at near okhla flyover, suddenly a traffic police officer sitting behind on pulsar tried to take over me and signal to stopped me, but I ignored him and speed up my bike. After some time i look back , no body was behind me, thanks god, I was feeling so hungry, I was in govind puri, I stopped my bike near deshbandhu college at a Dhaba for dinner and have Half shai paneer with tandoor roti. After having dinner I was near my room on bike. Finally I was outside of my room, I done it, my trip completed. I stopped my bike and rain welcome me on my successful trip, I took a shower bath in rain and slept with dreams of next bike trip to Rohtang………………………..

Trip summary
I my view all the bike before going on these kind of rough and hilly road, check your tyres condition, if necessary then change the tyres and tube, check breaks and clutch plate, fueled your bile full, keep mobil oil extra, carry you all required documents and remember god always.

It was total 1200 Km,
above 10,284 feet above sea level,
800 rs /- petrol
around 24 Hrs driving
Hero Honda splender + 80cc bike with new clutch plate and brakes

Jai Badri Vishal ki………………………………………..

Rohit Sagar

Neelkanth Trip(UA) : Puncture and Rain

Neelkanth Trip: 2006

Friday Evening 4th July 2006 : day 1
It was an amazing bike Trip ever I did. That time I was working in Delhi with Accelfrontline. It was Friday and Saturday to be holiday. Pawan came to meet me in delhi and asked me to visit any place on weekend so we decided in hurry for Neelkanth in Uttranchal. Our plan was to go first at home and get pack our luggage. So we moved towards Sampla first. We were around India gate and suddenly my mobile fell down. I stopped bike and picked my mobile. Two patrolling policeman came and stopped us, asked for bike papers. That time I had nothing not even my driving license. I had lost my license, RC and purse in a train few days back. Some how we settled them in 200 Rs. And reached sampla after 1 hour. We were quite late for Neelkanth, pawan went to home and carried his bag for Neelkanth then we went to Rohtak, I don’t remember why? I think we reached Rohtak station and went back towards panipat. I was feeling quite imbalance in rear tyre so I decided to get it replaced in Gohana. I found a MRF showroom and buy a new Tyre. Now bike was running fine, but I did one mistake. I bought only new tyre. I feel so bad about this mistake when bike got punctured in panipat. It was already 6 Pm and we were in panipat only. Puncture got fixed on Panipat-NH1 MOR. We kept driving till Shamli around 8 PM and stopped at a dhaba for dinner. Dinner was not good at all and worst thing that rear tyre punctured again. It was over 8 PM and all the shops have been closed. We were quite tensed and tired, but wanted to enjoy so look around and found a cinema hall and went for a movie.I dont remember the movie name but it was mallika sherawat movie, completely boring........
Day 2 :Saturday 1:00 Am
We decided to get puncture fix anyhow. We searched for Puncture shop and found one closed shop. But the shop owner was sleeping outside, as it was summer days,we tried to wake up him and request him to fix the puncture anyhow. Somehow he agreed and fixed it on our kind request, finally we were again ready to go for Neelkanth. We crossed Mujaffarnagar and stopped by UP police. They enquiry about us and warned us about trees lied down on road. We were quite feared but keep moving; we crossed a long jam in late night.
Morning 4 am
We reached haridwar early morning I felt bobbling in rear tyre. It was again flat tyre, we were so frustrated and angry on ourselves ,again we were searching a puncture shop but found a cycle repairing shop. He denied for fixing puncture and allows us for air only and moved forward. After some time tyre was flat, we kept dragging the bike in haridwar in search of opened Puncture shop.

Morining 8 am haridwar Bus stand
Finally, a puncture shop opended and it fixed perfectly. its time to ride for Neelkanth. We

11:00 am Neelkanth
reached Neelkanth, have good lunch and walk around, faced a little landslide.but no tension/
We moved back for Rohtak.Now no more puncture but Rain started in Rishikesh. We decided to keep driving in rain. It was heavy monsoon rain. We ate pakodas in roorkie and Keep driving in rain till Gohana , we were so happy and full of excitement
4 Pm Rohtak

We Reached Rohtak without a single sleep since yesterday night. but it was great experiment and experience for us.
Things learn from Trip
Dont drive late night in UP
Keep extra tube and raincoat
Drive Safe

My Bike Trips detail

Me During Gangotri Trp

During Badrinath Trip

During Gangotri Trip

During Salasar Trip

During Manikaran Trip

During manikaran Trip

Me During Ganotri trip

Rest on ganga bank during neelkanth Trip

during Badrinath trip

Near Rudraprayag during Badrinath Trip

In Rain During Manikaran Trip